Nos vamos a Alquezar

AlquezarDurante este mes de marzo los estudiantes de POLE de 1º y 2º de la ESO estamos pasando unos días estupendos en Alquezar, junto con las profesoras MONTSE y RAQUEL.

Durante estos días hacemos talleres de inglés, juegos de campamento, juegos nocturnos, dinámicas de grupo,….



Our first day at the camp

First we took the bus and we went to Alquézar. Then we visited the village with a guide and he explained the history of this village…

…A few minutes later we played  a  gymkana around the village.  In the afternoon, we had some English classes with Nataly, Simon and Pri.

My second day at the camp

This morning we got up at eight o´clock. Then we had breakfast at nine o´clock. After that we went climbing in the mountains. We wore an helmet and an harnies…

…In the afternoon, we played games, and we drew a monster with Nathalie. After that we made an ecologic souvenir with Simon.

My third day at the camp

Today we had a great day. We went to “Las Pasarelas”. We saw a river and a hydroelectric station. Then we went to eat. Later, we had free time and we take a nape. After that we went with Priyanka to do a funny game about passport……


Aquí podéis ver algunos de nuestros momentos.

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